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An action RPG in space

Complete missions, explore, fight, and survive random events, like crashing your ship, salvaging and repairing.

... In space ...

Pilot your own custom ship, warp with your hyperdrive, fight, dock on stations, trade, mine asteroids, or board an alien mothership!

... On planets ...

Visit moon caves, mountains, cities, shoot some aliens and steal the loot, or trade in outposts, or build your own city!

... Craft ...

Customize your ship, build your space station or city, using cubes and other shapes. And share your creations with other players!

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Pinned  Realistic expectations

Sep 02 2015 01:43 PM | Enomi in Articles

Back from holidays. Time to think seriously about the future of XG.

in order to deliver a game instead of empty promises, It's time to refocus on what's important and reduce the crazy over ambitious scope ;)

- There will be a free demo, containing the blueprint designer without the workshop, but with some early gameplay. I will build it as soon as possible and update it frequently. I will give instant access test keys before the public release.

- There will be a Steam Early access release. The price will be low for start, and it will have the steam workshop integration, and more stuff to do in game than the demo. But I'll continue updating the demo. I want to let players try before spending money and decide if they want to 'back the game'.

- I decided to put the 3D spherical planet / terrain synchronization on hold. I will deliver 3D hyperspace faring, controlled by the galactic map (Remember the Galactoscope in Foundation), but when you approach the planet you will have a dialog that asks you if you want to land.
That lets me focus on first person 3D content, building / trading / fighting and experiencing events on ships, asteroid fields, planets surface without getting crazy about the spherical representation of voxel planets.

It did cost me way too much time yet for half baked results. I still have plans and know people that can help on that, but it's not for now.

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Pinned  Closed pre-alpha Steam version available

Jun 18 2015 03:40 AM | Enomi in Articles

Xeno Galaxies is on Steam !

There are currently a dozen community testers who have access to the steam build.

Xeno Galaxies will be available in two flavors:

One will be free, for building stuff and having a bit of fun shooting.

One will have to be paid, what will become the full game during early access.

Free version :

- Blueprint designer :
High quality creative tool to build ships, stations, outposts, factories.
It's like a 3d paint program, very simple to use and very powerful, with tools like mirror, copy paste, magic wand to grab whole structures ...

It's ready, and integrated with the Steam Workshop for sharing what you build with other players, but it's fully integrated, you do not even have to know what Steam Workshop is !

- FPS Test mode :

For free, you will be able to experiment some first person action inside your builds and other player builds. This acts like a demo of the game. You will be able to choose a location and a scenario to play.

An example :

Location : "Ship Alpha XY - made by community member Squib"
Scenario : "Damaged Derelict / alien infestation / On fire / Self destruct in 5 minutes "
You click play and you can test that.

The available scenarios will be limited, and change over time between releases.

There is no story, no persistent inventory (you loose everything you loot between games), no space travel, no planets - but you get to play something for free - and I get free motivated testers and builders :)

Full Paid version :

- Build, Assemble and pilot the ships - you need money(galactic credit) or mined resources to actually assemble the blueprints.
- Random encounters while travelling - the full set of possible scenarios.
- All locations, not just player made stuff : Planets, asteroid fields, massive generated ships ...
- Trading and mining - active economy
- Deploying factories
- Mission / quest system
- Earn and spend galactic credits - the only money in the game, pure in-game credits, nothing to do with real money.
- Authors of successful blueprints will receive galactic credits in the game from the galactic market.

This may look a bit like a freemium model but I see it more as "free to build + demo". Anyway, what's important is it's definitively not "free to play" - there are no in-game purchase and galactic credits are pure in-game, earned and spent while playing.

So finding schemes to exploit the monetary system, finding the space station that will buy your stocks at the highest price is actually encouraged and part of the game.

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Pinned  Embrace the messy design

Sep 24 2014 01:11 AM | Enomi in Articles

HI XG Fans !

After being compared a lot to No Man's Sky, like here http://www.rockpaper...-xeno-galaxies/ I did take some time to think about where I'm going with XG.
  • this is not a game made by a professional game studio but ...
  • this is not a hobby / free game.
  • It's something in between. A semi pro game, made by a professional business programmer who already runs his software consulting company.
  • I'm using paid non-exclusive assets ( textures, monsters, FPS arms, plants, everything). It means they are good but not AAA, you can find the same things in other games, and there is not a strong art direction (a bit of a patchwork / messy) . But it's very cheap. Think $30 a monster instead of $5000. So I can make the game on my own funds.
After this summer failed Kickstarter, just before getting greenlit on Steam by surprise, I started to watch Doctor Who (Starting at the 2005 reboot).

And I saw that there is a place in this world for a messy game, with weird stories/ quests , weird monsters, and of course weird ships, space stations and outposts made by players.

So next time someone wants to know what Xeno Galaxies is, you can say it's a mix of Sar Wars without the Jedis and Doctor Who without the Doctor :)

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Pinned  Personal Tragedy

Aug 19 2014 07:26 PM | Enomi in Articles

My Wife Nathalie passed away on 2014 August 15, We have two kids aged 4 and 6.

I will continue working on Xeno Galaxies as soon as I will be able to, being greenlit already and soon having way to much time by myself, I have to make the game.

I wish I had a TARDIS in real life.

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Pinned  Greenlit !

Aug 03 2014 03:49 AM | Enomi in Articles

Xeno Galaxies has been greenlit ! That means approved by the community to be sold on Steam. That's really nice. Now the plan is to some good alpha / early access versions with some fun content. I needed a good motivation nudge, here we are :)

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Pinned  Demo #2

Jul 11 2014 09:10 PM | Enomi in Articles

Demo #2 has the space flight and the planet surface action :

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Pinned  New demo available

Jul 05 2014 02:15 AM | Enomi in Articles

Get the details and download url here :


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Pinned  Kickstarter Launched

Jun 19 2014 05:59 PM | Enomi in Articles

The kickstarter is launched. I think you will enjoy the trailer video.


It took me 3 full time weeks to prepare everything - in addition to the months of night work before that.

I wanted to launch it between the E3 conference and the Steam Summer sales, but Valve advanced the sales of one month compared to last year.

Surely they thought June was better than July, and I agree. So I launched it today anyway, it's ready so waiting for july when lots of people are away from their computers doesn't make sense ! And I wont wait for september.

Now, I'm working on making the game known, reaching the press, twitter, reddit, facebook, another full time job. If you have suggestions or you can help, shoot !

But I will allocate some time for doing a new pre-alpha construction kit with enhanced usability and bug fixes.

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Pinned  Going full time

May 23 2014 07:51 PM | Enomi in Articles

I m leaving my day job today - working full time on Xeno Galaxies from now on.

Let's see what I can achieve in one full time week.

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Pinned  New Video : Space to planet to cave

May 07 2014 03:57 AM | Enomi in Articles

This video is one step toward Kickstarter.

The next steps :

1. Next public pre-apha:
- fix some of the bugs in the construction / FPS
- add doors & hacking
- Macinstosh build

2. More things to show for kickstarter:
- In game blueprint deployment, nanobots effect
- player made bunkers on the terrain ( I'm a player too :P )
- shooting insectoid aliens in the caves - their eggs are delicious, that's the whole mission objective ...
- glimpse of other terrains like the volcano / molten planet

3. working on the website - Kickstarter text needs to be short with links to the site for more details.

And other super secret special things.

That seems a lot but now that I'm satisfied enough with the space to planet thing I can tackle all this.

If you think of something else that would help on the Kickstarter page or in the video, shoot your ideas, that's the good time.

PS : No date ;)

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